Obviously Awesome: Ikea Slip Covers

Nothing like stumbling across something that makes you smack yourself in the forehead because it is so obviously and fantastically brilliant.

Bemz is a company out of Sweden that sells slipcovers for Ikea furniture in a beautiful array of colored and patterned fabrics. I guess I kind of assumed I could get slipcovers for Ikea furniture, but never really did much searching to see what was out there. They have great options with lots of colors, stripes and patterns from classic to mod. How perfectly beach-chic is that bed?!

Sources: Sofa, Bed, Chair

And, if you find yourself in Sweden, they have a showroom that looks very cool.

This definitely opens up the world of Ikea furniture. I so often like the shape, but they don’t have a color that speaks to me. Now I have no excuse! The prices seem pretty good too.

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