So…..we bought a house.

I’m still in total shock. After about three years of searching, three weeks of negotiations and one day where we were sure it wasn’t going to happen, it has finally all come together. We are buying a house!

I’m anxious, nervous, in shock (I think I mentioned that)–but mostly, I’m excited! This is the place we will build our roots, perhaps raise our kids and it is going to be a wonderful process. I can’t wait for our first dinner party, for drinking wine in the backyard in the summer and for my sunny new office!

While Design Bright will continue to focus on clever and beautiful design, I’ll be sprinkling in some home inspiration, DIY projects and ideas.

Here’s some inspiration I love that I would love to bring to our new home!

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  1. Congratulations, very exciting, I’m sure it will be decorated beautifully! :)

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