Hot Pantone Trend

I love that the designers’ standard tool for color – Pantone – has become such an icon recognized by designers and non-designers alike. They’ve also been releasing a “color of the year” that I’ve seen referenced all over the place, so Pantone is certainly not just for designers any more.

Now people are taking the Pantone look and putting it on to anything you could imagine! There is a set of notecards and a Pantone mug in our home, but that’s just the beginning of this mini-trend.

It’s such an easy look to DIY pretty much anything!

And how amazing are these tarts! This could be fun for a designer’s bridal shower or birthday.

And you can always just reference the Pantone look, like this gorgeous kitchen.

Notebooks / Mugs / Magnets / Eggs / Tarts / Kitchen


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4 responses to “Hot Pantone Trend

  1. Very joyful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Design Bright

    I’m so glad you like them! Thanks for the comment and for following the blog!

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