Living Room Inspiration

The new house projects are underway! And while we wait on structural repairs (which aren’t all that exciting to see progress), we are beginning to think about decorating.

To get the juices flowing, I put together a little inspiration board for some of the rooms and today I thought I’d share the living room. Some of these are pieces we own (the sofa, the chair and the Palace of Fine Arts art) and some are on the registry (the cute stool). From there, we’ve started filling in ideas for the rest of the space. We’re going for light, airy, casual, warm, eclectic–overall just homey. So, are we on the right track?

Art / Chair / Sofa / Rug / Pillow / Lamp / Bottles / Chevron / Stool

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One response to “Living Room Inspiration

  1. impeccable style :) can’t wait to see it come to life!!

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