Dining like royalty

Yesterday I showed you the color we will be painting our living room, and today I’m taking you in to the dining room. We have a craftsman home and therefore some lovely woodwork, so the dining room has wood paneling and trim all the way up to the plate rail. With only a small portion of actual wall, we decided to have a little fun with color. So, we selected this wonderfully rich Vintage Wine color from Benjamin Moore (it was actually Benjamin Moore’s 2011 color of the year).

Makes me want to drink some wine of my own in the dining room.

1 (this is the actual color) / 2 / 3 / 4 


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4 responses to “Dining like royalty

  1. Diane

    It’s gonna look great!!!

  2. Allie

    Love the purple! Are you going to paint the paneling white on the bottom or leave it as is?

  3. Design Bright

    We’re painting the paneling white. They started priming today and it looks AMAZING so far!

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