Dream Catcher

Sorry for no post yesterday–I had a great weekend at my San Luis Obispo bachelorette party but, needless to say, was a bit exhausted when I got back Sunday evening. Because of that, I thought these beautiful dreamcatcher prints were quite appropriate.

This first geometric one is my favorite. What’s yours?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4


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2 responses to “Dream Catcher

  1. hey, I love your art! And I was wondering if you would mind if I use the second one on a dragon bio I have on a pet site called Flight Rising. I wouldn’t take credit, I’d just use it for decoration, I could even have it lead back to this page if you want! I just don’t like to do that kind of thing without asking first. :)

  2. Olivia

    I am making class t shirts and i would love to use the second dream catcher design on the shirts! i really like it i just need permission from you to use it. i sent you an email earlier if you would so kindly respond so i could tell the t-shirt company

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