Minty Fresh

I’m happy to report that the downstairs of our new house is pretty well put together! We still have to hang photos on the walls, but it is in pretty good shape!

So we’re moving upstairs! First up, the bedroom.

We’ve gone a few color directions in our brainstorming, but decided on a color today. It’s called “cucumber crush”. I love the names of the paint–you can tell so much about it! We’re going minty green, creating a calm yet fresh and vibrant space.

What do you think?

Wallpaper / Bedroom / Dining Room / Bedroom / Kitchen


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5 responses to “Minty Fresh

  1. Diane

    Love the color. When do you start painting?

  2. That depends…when can you come over and help? ;)

  3. Michaelann Estrella

    where did you find those gold ottomans in the bedroom? Love!

  4. can you please tell me where that comforter is from?

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