All Wrapped Up

This weekend was my bridal shower! It was such a lovely day spent with my favorite ladies, drinking cocktails, eating amazing food and having some great girl talk. I’ll share some photos when I get them from my mom and friends.

Of course there is no shower without gifts! With my love for paper and design, I appreciate the cards and wrapping just as much as the gifts inside. Each package was wrapped beautifully and I’ll be keeping each and every card (as I have from throughout our engagement.)

There are so many incredibly creative things you can do with gift wrap. How beautiful, creative and simple are these gift wrap ideas?

Confetti glued to paper? This is AMAZING.

Hand-stamped is so clever. You can make any pattern under the sun!

Or hand drawn. I love the graphic simplicity of these.

How about fabric! I love this idea using a tea towel, so the wrapping is apart of the gift!

Oh so charming bunting.

Sheet music is such a sweet idea. I’m sure you could get stacks of old piano books on eBay.

OMG, how amazing is this?

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