The Magic of Paris

The last few months have been filled with weddings, travel and puppies, so I’m featuring those happy things on the blogs this week!

There have been so many highlights over the last few months, but one sparkling spot was definitely our time in Paris. There is just something so magical about Paris. Is it the lights? The architecture? The food? I think perhaps it is that special recipe of it all mixed together.

We were in Paris for only 5 days–never enough–staying in the St. Germain neighborhood. The location was incredible; we walked ALL over the city from our hotel door, or hopped on the metro a block away for the slightly farther trips. We ate more food than any person should ever eat, but it was worth it! There’s nothing else like a French pastry and glass of wine in the afternoon, or a little foi gras appetizer with an aperitif (sorry, geese!)

The weather wasn’t great, cold and a bit rainy. But Owen Wilson was right–Paris is even more magical and romantic in the rain!

How spectacular is this?

There is also something so amazing about the style in Paris. Everyone is so sophisticated! The look is effortless, chic and classic. This is what I wish I could have been wearing every day, to feel oh-so Parisian.

rain / eiffel tower / cafe / architecture / girl

shirt / pants / jacket / necklace / boots / earrings

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