Bringing France Home

Ah, France. It is a magical place. But we can’t all go to France, at least not as often as we might like. So why not bring a little French flair to your own home. Even a space that is mid-century modern, country, or contemporary will warm up a little with these French-inspired pieces. Kind of like sipping a cafe au lait at a sidewalk cafe.

french decor

These little plates are the perfect place to enjoy a madeline, while a poster of French cheeses might inspiring you to cook up a feast in your kitchen. I love the sophistication of the perfume bottle, even just as a decorative piece. The copper pots remind me of Julia Child and make me want to whip up some escargot! The vintage-inspired wine cork is a necessity for all the fabulous French wine (though, let’s be honest, I’d probably just finish the bottle…), and the Paris map tote is perfect for a trip to the farmers market.

I’m not sure if these items make me feel like I have a little piece of France at home, or if they just make me miss it more!

What’s your favorite?

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