DIY Ornament Part 2: Tassel Tutorial

DIY Wedding Invitation Ornament 3D Star with Tassel

Yesterday, I shared my DIY wedding invitation 3D star ornament and promised to show you how to make the tassel today. A tassel made of string or ribbon is super easy and a great extra embellishment for ornaments, gift wrapping or a garland.

DIY Tassel What You'll Need

The supply list is much shorter today! You’ll need:
* String, twine, ribbon or even tissue paper would work
* An additional ribbon or string for the top
* Scissors
* Glue
* An object that is a bit wider than the length you want your final tassel to be. I just cut down a piece of cardboard. For those with great dexterity could even use your fingers.

To start, wrap your string around the cardboard. The more you wrap, the thicker the tassel. I wrapped it around about 15 times for this look.

DIY Tassel Step 1

Slip the string off the cardboard carefully so you have a nice loop of twine. Cut two more small pieces of twine. Threat one through the loop of string. This will be how you attach it to your ornament. Tie the other about 1/4 inch down from the top. Tie nice and tight.

Now cut the bottom of your loop to create the bottom fo your tassel. You may need to trim up the bottom to make it nice and uniform.

To finish the look, I wrapped a bit of ribbon around the top, attaching it with glue.

DIY Tassel Step 2 and 3

Attach your tassel to your ornament, trim off the excess string from your loop and tuck the knot inside of the tassel.

DIY Wedding Invitation Ornament 3D Star

DIY Wedding Invitation Star Ornament

See? Easy! There might be a tassel on every gift I wrap this year!


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