2012 In Review

What a year this has been. In 2012, we moved in to a new home, got married, got a dog….and started Design Bright! It has been so fun blogging with you all and I look forward to lots of new adventures from Design Bright and Bright Room Studio in 2013.

We’ve looked at some amazing design in the last year; here are just a few favorites.

*I can never get enough Pantone and these Pantone tartes were especially fabulous.

*I’m still looking for a time when I can use the oh-so-clever NotWallpaper paint rollers.

*I’m a huge fan of Washi tape and these extra large washi tape installations are pretty darn cool.

*Remember the amazing typographic “Hey Jude” lyrics? Maybe I need to revisit these prints for my adorable nephew Jude…

*I was so into the Olympics this year–and not just on TV! I loved all of the Olympic design too.

*My DIY holiday ornament was one of my favorite projects this year and was a huge hit with our parents as gifts.

2012 in review on design bright

Here’s to more pretty, more clever, more unique and more amazing in 2013!

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