Day, Month, Year

There are lots of great 2013 calendar round-ups on the web, but I love a beautiful calendar so much that I thought I’d share one of my own.

As I was searching around, I kept finding myself drawn to kitchen and food themed calendars. How stunning is the recipe calendar on the left? And the bottom right is a tea towel, of course. So lovely.

kitchen calendarsrecipe / eggs / tea towel / veggies

For an office, I love the idea of a calendar with pretty illustrations to inspire me. Of course the dog calendar would catch my eye. The cities calendar could be a great one to inspire you to travel (as if sitting in your office isn’t inspiration enough!)

illustrated calendarsdogs / cities

Or how about just some beautiful art with a calendar bonus.

geometric calendar

floral art calendargeometric / floral

With each calendar, just trim off the dates at the end of the year and you’re left with some lovely and inexpensive art! Love it.

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