Monday Morning Pep Talk

Sometimes you need a good pep talk. Like maybe after your home town team lost the Super Bowl? Or a pep talk to get you out of bed and off to work despite your Super Bowl hangover?

You’re not going to get the best pep talk from your boss or your mom or your coach. Nope. You’re going to get the greatest pep talk from this adorable kid. Kid President, that is.

You’ve probably seen the video. It’s so good.

His one-liners are so good and words so wise that we’re celebrating Kid President this week on Design Bright. Each day you’ll have a different piece of advice from this cutie to get you through your day. (Maybe even some downloads or desktop backgrounds of each, too). Kicking off today is a good one. Sorry, I mean gooder.

youre gooder than that webDesign by Bright Room Studio

Have a great week!

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One response to “Monday Morning Pep Talk

  1. Allie

    This is amazing! Love the video so much, and love your designs, such a fun idea!

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