I’m in the market for a new business card. For a stationery company, the business card is extremely important and has to be beautifully printed to reflect the quality of my work. Letterpress would of course be my first inclination, but it’s expensive. So I’m going to try out a more hand-crafted look first. I’m going to be stamping my business cards.

I love this idea because you can use your stamps again and again. Letterhead, packaging, note cards and more. And your business cards are all that more special because you literally made them by hand. I’ve done some stamping before, and it can take a little practice to get a clean print each time. But once you get it, it looks beautifully clean yet handmade.

Now if only I could decide on a design….

stamped business card

stamped business card

stamped business card

melissa / johnalynn / awesome project


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4 responses to “STAMPED

  1. I feel so honored to be featured here! Thanks!!

  2. Design Bright

    Melissa, of course! I’m a big fan of your work! I actually took your calligraphy class :) Thanks for the business card inspiration!

  3. Design Bright

    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

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