Working Beautifully

Design Bright has gotten a make-over and my logo has gotten a make-over (to be officially revealed here soon!), so I think it is time our office got its make-over. The office is really the only room we haven’t touched since we moved in nearly a year ago. The walls are a peachy color, which I don’t hate, but isn’t the best backdrop for getting creative work done day in and day out.

I’d like the office to have a lovely neutral pallet so inspirational art, graphics and cards can be the accent. I’d like lots of storage so it can be kept (relatively) clean. Pops of color will come through in the art, gathered inspiration and of course, lots of fabulous craft supplies.

We already have the cork board (and in fact mine has white polka dots on it! We made it for the wedding and I adore it), and I just ordered the wall hanging baskets. Just need to paint and get organized and I think it will be the soothing yet inspiring place I dream of.

our office inspiration

lamp / calendar / baskets / cork board / owl grey / washi tape / pencils / pencil holder / paper holder / christopher robin art / present art


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2 responses to “Working Beautifully

  1. Offices need to have bright and pretty things for inspiration. We can`t always be staring at blandness and expect wonderful creativity to take wing!

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