The (Continued) Quest for the Perfect Grey


Our quest for the perfect light and fresh, cool but not cold, soft but contemporary grey continued this week (yes, that pile of paint samples is ours). And that included a lot of painting. The small swatches weren’t cutting it so our walls are now a few centimeters thicker thanks to about six coats of paint on each wall. We settled on one color: Benjamin Moore’s Calm (the swatch online looks nothing like the paint on our walls so I’m not going to bother), but were worried that it was too light. We picked out its slightly darker counterpart (Benjamin Moore’s Barren Plains), but it was too purple. We went one swatch over (Benjamin Moore’s Cement Grey), but then that was too dark. Feeling a bit like Goldilocks, we found ourselves back on Calm and I’m loving it. Light, soft and refreshing, it is subtle and feels almost like white but without the starkness.

And never one to let our efforts go to waste, we’re using the dark coat on one of the walls and painting stripes! It is a small wall in the space, but I think the grey on grey pattern is going to make an amazing impact.

grey striped roomsoffice / entryway / bedroom

So it appears that my quest for the perfect grey has ended. Until the next room I decided needs to be the perfect grey…

What’s your favorite grey?


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3 responses to “The (Continued) Quest for the Perfect Grey

  1. Hooray for stripes!! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. I am currently on the quest for the perfect grey for my living room. Who knew this one color could be so tough. Hope my quest ends as well as yours did.

  3. Gretchen

    I’m up to seven paint testers for my kitchen grey, and I still can’t find the right one. Either too beige, too purple, too light, or too dark. ARUGH!!

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