Perfectly Styled

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week. I’m working on getting some of my latest work photographed and even the smallest photo shoot can be quite time consuming!

One of the fun things about photo shoots is the styling. I love when designers pair their invitations with a few little ribbons, flowers, or other props that give an additional peak into the inspiration of the design. I’ve been looking at some other lovely invitation photography for inspiration myself. Here are some perfectly styled photos that I’m loving. I think the horse shoes and mushrooms are my favorite!

perfectly styled invitations

horse / floral / butterflies / shamrock / bikes / gold roses / bright dog


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2 responses to “Perfectly Styled

  1. proplaundry

    I wish i could click and make the pictures bigger, its all so pretty!! Lovely work!!

  2. Design Bright

    Thanks Proplaundry! If you click the links below the images, you’ll be able to see them in the full glory on the websites where I found them. Hope that helps!

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