Pattern Play

The wedding blog Engaged & Inspired holds a special place in my heart. I blogged for it during my own wedding planning, I’ve worked with one of their bride bloggers on her invitation (more on that VERY soon), and Allison and I even have some projects in the works! It is still a regular on my blog-checking list, and I was instantly obsessed when I saw this recent post.  One of the bride bloggers worked with a designer to create a custom pattern for her wedding, using her colors and style inspiration with fun touches personal to her and her fiance’s relationship. I’ve always been a big fan of fabulous patterns and think this idea is incredible. There’s so much you can do with it!

Of course, you can incorporate it in your invitation suite. Line the envelopes, print it on the back of your invitation or keep it a bit more subtle with a patterned belly band.

patterned invitation details

She’s planning on taking it to Spoonflower (a site I seriously need to use sometime soon) to have fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap made with the fabulous pattern. Love it. How amazing would it be to include your pattern on table linens, photobooth or ceremony backdrop or wrapping for your favors? From bold to subtle, the possibilities are pretty endless.

patterend backdrops

patterned table linens

patterned favors

Have I mentioned yet that I’m obsessed with this idea? Who wants to do it with me?!

Invitations: striped liner / blue liner / triangle belly band 

Backdrops: dessert / ceremony / photobooth

Linens: table / napkins

Favors: box / seahorse


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2 responses to “Pattern Play

  1. pick me pick me!! in like 3 days to 33 years. whenever.

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