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Custom Bouquet Paintings

You should probably know by now that I love things that are both clever and beautiful. Really unique, special and fun are great bonuses! I’d say that these custom wedding bouquet paintings fall in to all of those categories. Send talented artist Sarah Park Designs a photo of your bouquet and have a custom painting made as the perfect wedding keepsake. I love this idea as a wedding gift too!

custom bouquet paintings

Love the painting but don’t have the bouquet? She has some beauties ready to go. And, P.S., the rest of her work is pretty great, too.

bouquet paintings

Sarah Park Designs


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West Elm + Minted = Some Serious Pretty

I love designing for Minted, mostly because it is a great way to practice new design techniques and skills. But I also love the fun projects they launch…and the prizes would be pretty darn cool too. Like this one. Winners will be sold at West Elm. Wow. How amazing would that be.

The competition is incredibly tough, but also totally inspiring. Want to see my work sold at West Elm? I would love your vote for my designs!

I had so much fun designing this series of illustrated recipes. I’m thinking of continuing the series. Any suggestions for other favorite recipes?







Or, if something a little cozier is what you’re looking for…

cozy love


lets stay in


Or perhaps you need a little greenery in your life (but not the kind you can kill).




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So Beautiful

I’ve just started participating in Minted design contests, but I’m loving it. It is such a great ways for designers to be a part of a community and keep up on their design skills. Their latest contest was particularly inpsiring, both because of the creative brief as well as the prize!

Minted partnered with People Magazine and their annual World’s Most Beautiful Woman issue and to celebrate, asked the Minted community to design art prints featuring one of ten famous quotes about beauty. Winners will be chosen by voters as well as three celebrity judges and winner will be featured on!

So, it’s shameless self promotion time. I’d be so honored if you’d give my designs your vote with a high ranking! Thank you for the love!!

perfection beauty quotevote here

true beautyvote here

shakespearevote here

a thing of beautyvote here

There were so many beautiful designs (no pun intended). Here are a few favorites I stumbled on when doing some voting myself.

minted beauty quote designs

You can look through all the lovely designs and vote here.


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Doodling a Smile

First of all, the name of this Etsy shop—Doodling a Smile—is amazing and reason enough to feature it on the blog. Fortunately, his work is equally amazing and totally lives up to its name. I’ve seen Lim Heng Swee’s work floating around the Pinterest and blog worlds, but I finally clicked through and got to see all his amazing art.

These two are a must. How cute would these be in our office and closet/bedroom? The stripes and polka dots debate is one I have pretty much every day, so it seems appropriate :)

favorite doodles

These are also so fun and adorable. Which is your favorite?

adorable doodles

Doodling a Smile Etsy Shop

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And they call it puppy love

Hello, my name is Kim and I’m obsessed with my dog. There. I said it.

I try to keep my love for her in check, but she’s just so darn cute! In fact, she’s squeaking the heck out of a toy at my feet as we speak. Despite being consumed by her sometimes, I don’t think I’d be one to put a portrait of her up on my walls. That is, until I saw this adorable, colorful and artistic take on the pet portrait by design by matea. How fun are these?! They feel like real works of art that would make me smile every time I walk by. I also love how much personality they capture! Because, let’s be honest, us pet owners think our little guys have the cutest personalities.

colorful custome dog portraits 1

colorful custom dog portraits

custom dog portraits 2

design by matea / photos via design by matea facebook

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Over the Moon

On our quest to finish decorating our home, I’ve been trying to decide what to put above the bed. It feels like such an important spot and the art needs to represent that. We have many great pieces, but I felt like we needed something new.

For our cozy blue bedroom, I decided it would be nice to represent the night. I’ve been on the hunt for prints that have the moon and the stars. And there are many lovely options!

moon prints

moon & star / eclipse / diamonds / la lune / historic prints


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Day, Month, Year

There are lots of great 2013 calendar round-ups on the web, but I love a beautiful calendar so much that I thought I’d share one of my own.

As I was searching around, I kept finding myself drawn to kitchen and food themed calendars. How stunning is the recipe calendar on the left? And the bottom right is a tea towel, of course. So lovely.

kitchen calendarsrecipe / eggs / tea towel / veggies

For an office, I love the idea of a calendar with pretty illustrations to inspire me. Of course the dog calendar would catch my eye. The cities calendar could be a great one to inspire you to travel (as if sitting in your office isn’t inspiration enough!)

illustrated calendarsdogs / cities

Or how about just some beautiful art with a calendar bonus.

geometric calendar

floral art calendargeometric / floral

With each calendar, just trim off the dates at the end of the year and you’re left with some lovely and inexpensive art! Love it.

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Designing the New Year

Happy New Year, Design Bright readers! There’s lot to enjoy about a new year; here’s some pretty to get you started.

happy 2013

2013 / colorful / gold card / scrolls / confetti / line drawing

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Loving Kari Herer

You’ve probably seen these prints before, but that doesn’t make them any less lovely and share-worthy. Kari Herer‘s prints features spectacular flowers paired with perfectly simple illustrations. Another case of there-no-way-I-can-pick-a-favorite. Maybe that should be a new blog feature?

The one’s I’ve seen more frequently around the internet are her antler prints. But I’m totally falling for the fox, rabbit and bug versions. She’s also done some really fabulous holiday editions. You really can’t go wrong.

floral illustration

floral illustrations

holiday card floral illustration

Kari Herer Etsy

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On Display

Today, my hubby is taking me on a holiday date in to San Francisco. We are going to pick out ornaments to begin our collection at Gumps, have a lovely dinner and see a show! We are also on the hunt for a proper tree topper (because, sadly, the starfish tied to the top of our tree might not cut it much longer).

I’m so excited to see San Francisco all dolled up for the holidays. The past few winters I’ve been working downtown, so I was tired of the holiday cheer and Salvation Army bell by Thanksgiving. But this year, I’m not heading in to the city every day so I’m looking forward to experiencing the magic of the city during Christmas time.

It is always such a treat to see how the stores decorate for the holidays. There are some creative people who work all year to create the amazing displays. And who always does the most festive and charming seasonal displays? Anthropologie, of course!

Polar bears, a wall of ornaments, typographic snow and a tinsel explosion? I love it all.
anthropologie polar bear window display

anthropologie holiday window display

anthropologie holiday typography window display

Which is your favorite?

polar bear / ornaments / door / paper scene / tinsel / trees / typographic snow

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