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Inspiration to Invitation: Lavender and Mountains

One thing I really love about custom invitations is the chance to make an invitation that is as unique as the bride and groom. Instead of the invitation just representing your wedding theme, you can have small touches that reflect different parts of your relationship or you big day. Rachel is getting married in Mt. Hood, Oregon and came to me without a real idea of what she wanted in her wedding invitations. So we talked about her wedding plans and, together, developed this suite featured a custom Mt. Hood illustration, perfect soft lavender color scheme, hand lettered text and even a subtle stripe detail that mimics a  detail on her wedding dress!

lavendar and mountains inspiration


I also love a crafty bride! She stamped and embossed the belly bands and return addresses herself. How amazing is she?!



And the icing on the cake: Rachel blogs for Engaged & Inspired and was kind enough to feature the suite on the site yesterday!





Inspiration: dress / mt. hood / cakelavender / candles / kraft / bouquet

Invitation: Bright Room Studio


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Inspiration to Invitation: Gold and Silver

I think I’m very behind on my inspiration to invitation series! Today I get to feature the invitation suite I created for my fabulous college roommate. She’s wanted silver and gold, formal but still fun.

silver and gold inspriation


cheers / ribbon / candlesticks / hearts / foil / reserved

We played with confetti and sparkle but ended with gold foil stars and silver-grey letterpress. Silver and gold envelopes and shimmery paper for the details added the perfect final touches.

I can’t wait to see how the whole wedding comes together…less than a month away!

Christina and Greg's Gold Foil Invitations from Bright Room Studio

Christina and Greg's Gold Foil Invitations from Bright Room Studio

Christina and Greg's Gold Foil Invitations from Bright Room Studio

Christina and Greg's Gold Foil Invitations from Bright Room Studio

Christina and Greg's Gold Foil Invitations from Bright Room Studio

Christina and Greg's Gold Foil Invitations from Bright Room Studio

Christina and Greg's Gold Foil Invitations from Bright Room Studio

design and photos by Bright Room Studio





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You know you’re a paper nerd when…

…you get incredibly excited over paper and envelope samples and giant swatch books!

Yes, I admit it, I have a paper addiction. I’ve been checking the mail daily for my monstrous sample pack from Paper Presentations and it finally arrived. Imagine every size and shape envelope you can imagine in every color and pattern you can imagine. My husband said I sounded like a kid at Disneyland while I flipped through the huge binder of samples.

I guess I’m a true paper nerd.

colors and patterns

paper presentation samples

These photos don’t even begin to show all the possibilities! Want to incorporate some of these pieces in to your invitation suite? Contact me! 



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West Elm + Minted = Some Serious Pretty

I love designing for Minted, mostly because it is a great way to practice new design techniques and skills. But I also love the fun projects they launch…and the prizes would be pretty darn cool too. Like this one. Winners will be sold at West Elm. Wow. How amazing would that be.

The competition is incredibly tough, but also totally inspiring. Want to see my work sold at West Elm? I would love your vote for my designs!

I had so much fun designing this series of illustrated recipes. I’m thinking of continuing the series. Any suggestions for other favorite recipes?







Or, if something a little cozier is what you’re looking for…

cozy love


lets stay in


Or perhaps you need a little greenery in your life (but not the kind you can kill).




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Inspiration to Invitation: Stephanie’s Bridal Shower

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I was lucky enough to spend the first part of my weekend with my bff in stunning San Luis Obispo and then spend the second half with my honey celebrating our 10 year dating anniversary! I’d say it was a pretty good weekend.

Today’s installment of Inspiration to Invitation features the bridal shower invitation for my wonderful friend and college roommate! She’s getting married in Maui (!) so we wanted something with a tropical feel, without going over-the-top with palm trees and hibiscus flowers. I think the hand-drawn flowers and string lights are the perfect solution and are highlighted perfectly with the green, purple and pink color palette. I tried to incorporate a little bit of a travel feel as well with the layout of the event details.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for my pina colada already.

bridal shower invitation inspiration

bridal shower invitation

bridal shower invitation 2

bridal shower invitation1


Inspiration: crest / sunset / merci / string lights / flowers / illustration / happy / flowers


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Inspiration to Invitation: Hudson’s Birth Announcement

This edition of Inspiration to Invitation isn’t an invitation at all! It’s baby Hudson’s birth announcement and he is the cutest, which makes designing around him so easy.

I love paper goods for kids and babies that are a little bit sophisticated. Kids design doesn’t always have to be primary colors and cartoons! I think bow ties and blue-grey plaid is perfect for this adorable little man. The pop of teal and hand-written font give it a touch of whimsy and freshness.

baby shower inspiration



inspiration: boy / blanket / nursery / tie / boy / mustache / nursery / balloon

birth announcement


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Inspiration to Invitation: Blue & Orange Casual Wedding Suite

I’ve been wanting to start this series for a little while now. Inspiration to Invitation will show off some of my latest work with a little look into what inspired the work.

I hadn’t planned to start with my very own wedding invitation suite, but I couldn’t believe how well this photo captured the overall design style. While I didn’t find this before the design was created, it is a perfect translation of the invitation in a photo. Or, perhaps my invitation was in the inspiration for the photo! ;)

inspiration photo

our wedding invitation
our wedding invitation 2

inspiration / invitation


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DIY Block Printed Business Cards

Happy Monday and Happy April!

A few weeks back, I shared some inspiration for stamped business cards. I thought this would be a great DIY way to make professional yet hand-crafted business cards, all while avoiding the high cost of letterpress. Well, I took the project head-on and think the results are pretty great. And, lucky for you, I took some pictures along the way so you can do it yourself too! This technique definitely isn’t just for business cards! This would be great way to make notecards, save-the-dates, or just pretty art for your walls!

diy block printing

One note: This technique isn’t terribly different from regular stamping, however I couldn’t find the right ink color in a stamp pad, so opted to mix the colors myself. Block printing ink is nice and thick so leaves a slightly more tactile texture than just regular stamping from an ink pad from the craft store.

block printing supplies

block printing supplies 2

What you’ll need:
* Stamp—this can be either hand carved like I did for my storage cabinet, designed and custom made (which is what I did and purchased through this company), or purchased at a craft store.
* Paper—I got business cards from Paper Source.
* Block Printing Ink—Mine is Speedball brand from Blick’s.
* Brayer—Essentially a foam or rubber roller. Mine is once again from Blick’s.
* Inking plate—You can purchase plates, but all you need is a nice flat surface. I borrowed a piece of glass from a picture frame.
* Something to mix the ink—I used a palette knife.
* Depending on how large your art is, you may need something to burnish the print (basically press it down so it inks everywhere). I didn’t do this, but it is probably a smart technique :)

To start, you’ll need to get your ink mixed. I was going for a coral color, so I mixed orange, pink and white until I got the right shade of coral.

block printing ink mixing

block printing ink mixing 2

Once you have the color you like, you’ll begin to roll out the ink on your inking plate. You’re looking for a thin and even coat. You’ll know when it is ready when the roller on the ink starts making a velcro sound and you can see small peaks in the ink.

block printing ink rolling 2

block printing ink rolling

Once you have an even coat of ink on your plate and roller, ink up your stamp. Lightly roll over the stamp a few times until you have a nice even layer.

inked stamp

Before stamping on your paper, I recommend doing some test prints. This will help you see if some areas have too much ink or not enough or where you need to push harder on the stamp. I also found that a very light blot on some scratch paper produced more consistent results. But play around. Your ink and stamp will be different, so it takes some time to get it so your printing well each time.


Then stamp away! You don’t have to be perfect and each one will be a little bit different. That’s part of the fun of this technique!

printed cards

For my business cards, I decided to add an edge painted detail as well. I’ve seen this done a lot of different ways, but I had a small enough batch that I decided to just use a pen! Again, I tried a few different things and liked the look of this pen the most.

edge painting

I’m so happy with the results and I love having this printing technique in my arsenal. It’s fun to do and really makes a lovely finished product.

block printed business cards

final product 1


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So Beautiful

I’ve just started participating in Minted design contests, but I’m loving it. It is such a great ways for designers to be a part of a community and keep up on their design skills. Their latest contest was particularly inpsiring, both because of the creative brief as well as the prize!

Minted partnered with People Magazine and their annual World’s Most Beautiful Woman issue and to celebrate, asked the Minted community to design art prints featuring one of ten famous quotes about beauty. Winners will be chosen by voters as well as three celebrity judges and winner will be featured on!

So, it’s shameless self promotion time. I’d be so honored if you’d give my designs your vote with a high ranking! Thank you for the love!!

perfection beauty quotevote here

true beautyvote here

shakespearevote here

a thing of beautyvote here

There were so many beautiful designs (no pun intended). Here are a few favorites I stumbled on when doing some voting myself.

minted beauty quote designs

You can look through all the lovely designs and vote here.


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I’ve been spending the last couple of months reworking my company logo. I liked the old logo and was proud of it, but my business’s focus was transitioning and it was no longer a perfect fit for the brand. It was proving to be a little bit difficult to read, feeling a little flat and, well, designers are just plain fickle.

So it is out with the old and in with the new! Astute readers may have noticed the new logo has already been hanging out on the side panel of the blog for a little while now, but the logo has been finessesed and is ready to show the world!

A logo is of course not just about how pretty it is, but it needs to represent your brand. Before you create your brand marking, I believe it is important to verbalize exactly what your brand stands for and what you want your logo to project. Here’s what I came up with:

The words I’d use to describe my brand and business are: open, collaborative, hand-crafted, personalized and fresh. I’d like my logo to reflect those brand words as well as feel airy, handmade, bright, a little eclectic and feminine.

Here was some visual inspiration. I love calligraphy, water color, texture and fresh colors.

bright room studio logo mood boardbright side / merci / confidence / sunrise / studio / love / dancing / sun beam / do with love / happy / freckle

So without further adieu…

old bright room studio logo

new bright room studio logo

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!


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