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Hawaiian Wedding

Hawaii week is coming to an end—I know, I know, it’s only Wednesday, but I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow! Since we’re going to Maui to celebrate my amazing friend and college roommate’s nuptials,  I thought it would be apropos to put together my dream Hawaiian wedding mood board. I’m sure her wedding is going to be ten times as beautiful as this board, but I sure wouldn’t mind this romantic tropical wedding, with weathered driftwood, floral crowns, umbrellaed cocktails and all. It also really makes me want to design some ethereal and tropical wedding invitations….

hawaii wedding mood board

aisle / bride / driftwood / table setting / invitation / cocktail / watercolor

What’s your dream wedding?


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It’s Hawaii week here at Design Bright. Why Hawaii week? Because I’m going to Maui on Thursday!!! So here’s too beautiful beaches, delicious cocktails and sunny sunshine.


aloha / pineapple / beach / ocean

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Design Bright is back and with a whole new look. I’m sure it will change again…designers are fickle like that. But I hope you enjoy the new look.

Design Bright started with an idea. That ideas has transitioned over the last year based on my passions, interests and experiences, and I wanted the design to reflect the direction it is heading. As I pursue graphic design in the stationery business, I wanted the blog to better represent my love for paper, handmade products and feminine yet classic design. I hope that Design Bright will become a little inside look at my company, Bright Room Studio, its projects and inspirations. But don’t fret. You’ll still see lots of cool things, clever products and pretty ideas right here too.

In the spirit of giving you an inside look, here’s a little inspiration board that brought me to the new redesign. I wanted bright colors along side rustic paper textures with fun touches. And, well, I just love polka dots.

design bright redesign mood boardpresent / invitation / seaside / ferris wheel / giraff / confetti / print shop / pattern / runner / stickers

Let me know what you think! Here’s to lots more pretty to come.




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