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Wood you?

When is a paper good not a paper good? When it is made of wood!

Ok, that’s a terrible non-joke (thought it did rhyme!), but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m loving the idea of invitations printed on wood. Most are screen printed, some are laser etched (I think), but all are truly stunning. I love how the unique material lends itself to incredibly simple design. How much would you love to receive one of these in the mail?

wood invitations

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Happy Friday!!



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Inspiration to Invitation: Blue & Orange Casual Wedding Suite

I’ve been wanting to start this series for a little while now. Inspiration to Invitation will show off some of my latest work with a little look into what inspired the work.

I hadn’t planned to start with my very own wedding invitation suite, but I couldn’t believe how well this photo captured the overall design style. While I didn’t find this before the design was created, it is a perfect translation of the invitation in a photo. Or, perhaps my invitation was in the inspiration for the photo! ;)

inspiration photo

our wedding invitation
our wedding invitation 2

inspiration / invitation


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Perfectly Styled

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week. I’m working on getting some of my latest work photographed and even the smallest photo shoot can be quite time consuming!

One of the fun things about photo shoots is the styling. I love when designers pair their invitations with a few little ribbons, flowers, or other props that give an additional peak into the inspiration of the design. I’ve been looking at some other lovely invitation photography for inspiration myself. Here are some perfectly styled photos that I’m loving. I think the horse shoes and mushrooms are my favorite!

perfectly styled invitations

horse / floral / butterflies / shamrock / bikes / gold roses / bright dog


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Engaged & Inspired

You may or may not know that I have a little blogging side project. Once a week, I write for the wedding blog Engaged & Inspired. I’ve been tracking my wedding planning experience, and with only 6 weeks until the big day, there’s a lot to say!

Check it out! Today I’m talking about wedding programs…



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All Wrapped Up

This weekend was my bridal shower! It was such a lovely day spent with my favorite ladies, drinking cocktails, eating amazing food and having some great girl talk. I’ll share some photos when I get them from my mom and friends.

Of course there is no shower without gifts! With my love for paper and design, I appreciate the cards and wrapping just as much as the gifts inside. Each package was wrapped beautifully and I’ll be keeping each and every card (as I have from throughout our engagement.)

There are so many incredibly creative things you can do with gift wrap. How beautiful, creative and simple are these gift wrap ideas?

Confetti glued to paper? This is AMAZING.

Hand-stamped is so clever. You can make any pattern under the sun!

Or hand drawn. I love the graphic simplicity of these.

How about fabric! I love this idea using a tea towel, so the wrapping is apart of the gift!

Oh so charming bunting.

Sheet music is such a sweet idea. I’m sure you could get stacks of old piano books on eBay.

OMG, how amazing is this?

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You’re invited

There are a few things you might not yet know about me. So let’s get to know each other!

1. In less than two months, I’m going to be marrying my very best friend. We’ve been together for almost a decade, so I couldn’t be more excited!

2. I love paper goods! There are few things better than some GORGEOUS stationary.

3. I’m venturing in to the world of graphic design after working in advertising account management for four years. It’s a scary, but fun, adventure!

Ok, that’s certainly not everything about me (more another day!), but those three things have converged into one fun project that I want to share with you all…my wedding invitations!

I thought about working with a designer on this, but I ultimately decided to do it all myself. So I designed, printed, and assembled each invitation. And loved every minute of it.

Here’s some of my inspiration for the design. I knew I wanted the invite to be personal, casual and tell our guests what kind of wedding to expect and, moreover, what kind of couple Dan and I are.

And, drumroll, please…

I illustrated the chairs myself, even using Dan’s own hat and the chair that he used in the proposal. Mix in some other elements that will be in the wedding (polka dots, texture, colors), and we have an invitation suite that I really, really love.

If you want to see a bit more of my process (picking inspiration, our DIY letterpressing and more), check out my weekly post on Engaged & Inspired.

Like what you see? Feel free to message me. I’d love to work with you to design your custom invitations!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Design and photography of the invitation by me

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So Good

This wedding stationary suite is so good. Literally. I love the use of “good” as a theme–from “in good times” to “good night” to “good-ies”. Mix all that with some clever illustrations integrated into the text and graphic orange and teal stripes and you have a thoughtful, adorable, beautiful design.

Yup, I’m totally in love.

Images from Style Me Pretty / Designed by Passing Notes

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Happy Friday!

This is perfect for your summer Friday. Cotton candy. On a glow stick. I’m kind of obsessed with this idea.


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