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Quotable AND Printable

Per the request of my fabulous friend who served as inspiration for this first quote, I’ve made this a printable file for you all! I’ve changed up the design to make it a little more home-printer friendly (don’t want to drain your ink supply!).

Enjoy and thank you for printing and sharing responsibly.

do what makes you happy by bright room studio

Design and lettering by Bright Room Studio



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Hand lettering is becoming a larger and larger part of my business so I figured I should practice and improve my skills. And good news to all of you—that means you’ll be getting pretty lettered quotes on a more regular basis! I’m always working on my script, but I’m also working on incorporating some serif typefaces into my toolbox.

Let’s kick it off with something we can all remind ourselves of now and then.

do what makes you happy

Lettering and photo by Bright Room Studio

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Pattern Play

The wedding blog Engaged & Inspired holds a special place in my heart. I blogged for it during my own wedding planning, I’ve worked with one of their bride bloggers on her invitation (more on that VERY soon), and Allison and I even have some projects in the works! It is still a regular on my blog-checking list, and I was instantly obsessed when I saw this recent post.  One of the bride bloggers worked with a designer to create a custom pattern for her wedding, using her colors and style inspiration with fun touches personal to her and her fiance’s relationship. I’ve always been a big fan of fabulous patterns and think this idea is incredible. There’s so much you can do with it!

Of course, you can incorporate it in your invitation suite. Line the envelopes, print it on the back of your invitation or keep it a bit more subtle with a patterned belly band.

patterned invitation details

She’s planning on taking it to Spoonflower (a site I seriously need to use sometime soon) to have fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap made with the fabulous pattern. Love it. How amazing would it be to include your pattern on table linens, photobooth or ceremony backdrop or wrapping for your favors? From bold to subtle, the possibilities are pretty endless.

patterend backdrops

patterned table linens

patterned favors

Have I mentioned yet that I’m obsessed with this idea? Who wants to do it with me?!

Invitations: striped liner / blue liner / triangle belly band 

Backdrops: dessert / ceremony / photobooth

Linens: table / napkins

Favors: box / seahorse


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Boat Dreams

I’m going to share a little not-so-secret secret about myself: I love boats. I really want one. I mean, I don’t actually want to manage and maintain one, but I just love the idea of hopping on my boat (or my yacht, as I like to tell my husband ;) ) and enjoying an afternoon on the water. What’s funny is that I’m not a fan of being in the water, just floating around on top of it.

There’s nothing like a little nautical design to really get me in the mood for some boating. I love how you can go so light and watery, or bright and poppy. Which nautical style is your favorite?

soft nautical

graphic nautical

watery: birth announcement / octopus invitation suite / save the date

poppy: green chevron / monogram / yellow / shells

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Say What You Need to Say

There are so many stunning stationery options out there, but sometimes they just don’t say what you need them to say. Enter this brilliant letterpressed LCD-style card from Present & Correct to fill in the perfect message (assuming that message is 16 characters or less). Love it.

create your own message card via design bright

Present & Correct

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Inspiration to Invitation: Hudson’s Birth Announcement

This edition of Inspiration to Invitation isn’t an invitation at all! It’s baby Hudson’s birth announcement and he is the cutest, which makes designing around him so easy.

I love paper goods for kids and babies that are a little bit sophisticated. Kids design doesn’t always have to be primary colors and cartoons! I think bow ties and blue-grey plaid is perfect for this adorable little man. The pop of teal and hand-written font give it a touch of whimsy and freshness.

baby shower inspiration



inspiration: boy / blanket / nursery / tie / boy / mustache / nursery / balloon

birth announcement


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So Beautiful

I’ve just started participating in Minted design contests, but I’m loving it. It is such a great ways for designers to be a part of a community and keep up on their design skills. Their latest contest was particularly inpsiring, both because of the creative brief as well as the prize!

Minted partnered with People Magazine and their annual World’s Most Beautiful Woman issue and to celebrate, asked the Minted community to design art prints featuring one of ten famous quotes about beauty. Winners will be chosen by voters as well as three celebrity judges and winner will be featured on!

So, it’s shameless self promotion time. I’d be so honored if you’d give my designs your vote with a high ranking! Thank you for the love!!

perfection beauty quotevote here

true beautyvote here

shakespearevote here

a thing of beautyvote here

There were so many beautiful designs (no pun intended). Here are a few favorites I stumbled on when doing some voting myself.

minted beauty quote designs

You can look through all the lovely designs and vote here.


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Doodling a Smile

First of all, the name of this Etsy shop—Doodling a Smile—is amazing and reason enough to feature it on the blog. Fortunately, his work is equally amazing and totally lives up to its name. I’ve seen Lim Heng Swee’s work floating around the Pinterest and blog worlds, but I finally clicked through and got to see all his amazing art.

These two are a must. How cute would these be in our office and closet/bedroom? The stripes and polka dots debate is one I have pretty much every day, so it seems appropriate :)

favorite doodles

These are also so fun and adorable. Which is your favorite?

adorable doodles

Doodling a Smile Etsy Shop

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I’ve been spending the last couple of months reworking my company logo. I liked the old logo and was proud of it, but my business’s focus was transitioning and it was no longer a perfect fit for the brand. It was proving to be a little bit difficult to read, feeling a little flat and, well, designers are just plain fickle.

So it is out with the old and in with the new! Astute readers may have noticed the new logo has already been hanging out on the side panel of the blog for a little while now, but the logo has been finessesed and is ready to show the world!

A logo is of course not just about how pretty it is, but it needs to represent your brand. Before you create your brand marking, I believe it is important to verbalize exactly what your brand stands for and what you want your logo to project. Here’s what I came up with:

The words I’d use to describe my brand and business are: open, collaborative, hand-crafted, personalized and fresh. I’d like my logo to reflect those brand words as well as feel airy, handmade, bright, a little eclectic and feminine.

Here was some visual inspiration. I love calligraphy, water color, texture and fresh colors.

bright room studio logo mood boardbright side / merci / confidence / sunrise / studio / love / dancing / sun beam / do with love / happy / freckle

So without further adieu…

old bright room studio logo

new bright room studio logo

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!


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Pretty Patterns

I’m obsessed with patterns. I know that’s an odd thing to be obsessed with, but I’m a sucker for any kind of pattern, from graphic to feminine. There’s just something so intricate yet simple about a really great pattern. Each element perfect (or perfectly imperfect, as the case may be). I’m still working on ways to incorporate patterns in to my designs more, though I’m very excited about a little bow tie pattern on a birth announcement that’s in the works. For now, I’ll just admire these.

pretty patterns on design bright

swan / stars / arrows / bows / fish / flowers / dots / clouds

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